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Alone Again" | Betty Who

So come a little closer, closer.
Let me know if you’re coming over, over.
I’ll be sure to leave the lights on, lights on.
You’ll run to me like any love song, love song.

So won’t you please.
Just tell me what you want, I’m waiting all night long for you.
To tell me what you need, so baby we can be alone again.

Recordar es fácil para quien tiene memoria, olvidar es difícil para quien tiene corazón.

Gabriel García Márquez


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Through the MVs {Taka Vers.
Toru [x] // Tomoya [x] // Ryota [x]






Dad: Why do you think they do that?
Girl: Because the companies who make these try to trick the girls into buying the pink stuff instead of stuff boys want to buy.

that awkward moment when a child understands the harm of forcing gender roles better than most grown male politicians.

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I’m surprised that I haven’t reblogged this, to be honest.

I love that last gif.  She looks so frustrated.  Like “Um, hello, obviously girls and boys can like anything why doesn’t anybody get that???”

She does have a point though..

Kids who are smarter than adults though.

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